Best Train Horn Kit Under $400

If you are looking for a train horn that fits your budget then you may be concerned about quality. However, there are several options for train horns that can be done for under $400 and still give you the sound and quality that you are looking for. They can even be an inexpensive way to increase the value of the car and add a unique quality. Finding the best kit for your budget depends on you are looking for in a train horn.

Loud Sound
If your priority is a loud sound then you cannot get much louder than the Maximus III Quad. This train horn kit features four horns and has sounds of 175 decibels or more! This horn will definitely make an impression and it will be heard over very long distances. This kit gives you the quality you need and the sound you want for under $400. This is the best bet for a budget horn if your main concern is the sound. It is important to note that while this kit does come with a 3 gallon tank and it has an upgraded compressor you will still have to wait 3 to 4 seconds for the tank to fill up. So you will not have a constant sound or a sound that is able to be quickly repeated.

If you want loud but you want to balance that out even more with a budget, you can get the Maximus III for slightly less than the Maximus III Quad. You will get all of the greater features of the Maximus III Quad but you will only have three horns instead of four. This train horn does put out sound of around 175 decibels so it is still very very loud but it is better in price. It also comes with a 3 gallon tank but with only three horns you will not need as much air to create the sound. This means that the sound can last longer than if you were working with four horns. A key thing for those on a budget is to keep an eye on sales or discounts. If you catch it at just the right time you can get a very high quality horn for a very affordable price. Most train horn dealers offer discounts that are only for a limited time or that are special offers for new customers. By taking advantage of these deals you can make sure that you get a high quality upgrade to your car that will last for years without having to break the bank. Another brand to look out for is Hornblasters. They do not offer a big of a system as the Maximus for under $400 but you can still get a good system that puts out a decent sound. They are also smaller systems so they may be a better option for smaller cars or if you have limited space available to install your air horn.