Can Smoking Cause Wrinkles? Yes It Can—Snap Your Tobacco Cigarette For An Electronic Cigarette

It is true that smoking is the cause of a number of health related problems such as cancer and tooth decay. But not many people imagine that smoking can also result in wrinkles and making you look older than you should look with your age. The way out of this problem is substitute your traditional tobacco smoke for the modern and harmless electronic cigarette.

The bad news about tobacco smoking is that it not only you will not only contributes to ageing, but is also responsible for cancer.

So if you are currently smoking tobacco and you are not yet fully convinced of the reasons why you should include quitting in your urgent ‘To Do List’, then you should add ageing and formation of wrinkles as one of the reasons you should think twice before puffing that cigarette. Or better still, substitute your tobacco cigarette for the safe electronic cigarette and continue to enjoy the sensation of smoking.

How does smoking contribute to ageing?

Scientists have shown that smoking speeds up your skin’s ageing process, therefore, contributing more wrinkles to your skin. It is one of the most effective accelerators of premature ageing process. Although the skin changes may not be noticeable until after a decade in smoking, you should stop smoking right now irrespective of when you started smoking because the effects will surely still be there. The more you smoke, the longer you smoke, the more skin wrinkles you form on your body despite the fact that the damage may be slow to be noticed especially in the early days into smoking.

It is important to note that smoking will not only cause wrinkles on the face alone. The skin in the rest of the body will also be damaged, including the inner parts of your arm. So, if you continue smoking, there are high chances that you could soon look like a granny despite the fact that you are only 40. The bad news is that the damage caused by smoking is irreversible, but you could stop further damage by quitting smoking now. As a matter of fact, quitting may somehow reverse the process due to the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

How smoking leads to the formation of wrinkles?

It is important to understand the process behind the formation of wrinkles when one is smoking so that it makes sense to you. When one smokes, he/she inhales nicotine found in the cigarette smoke. This causes the blood vessels in the outer parts of the skin to become narrower. As a result, blood flow to the skin is impaired. As a result, the skin is unable to get a good supply of important nutrients like vitamin A and oxygen into the skin. Eventually, the skin’s hormone called collagen and elastin (they help your skin to get enough elasticity and strength) is destroyed. That is why your skin will begin to sag and look older than your age.

Apart from smoking, you could still suffer the consequences of smoking if you are continuously exposed to the burning smoke of cigarettes. In fact, you are as good as someone who is actually smoking because you inhale the deadly nicotine anyway.

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