Things In Your Bedroom That Should Always Be New

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There are lots of thrift shops today because a lot of people who are moving don’t find the need to move all their stuff in their new home. These bargain sales are great in helping you save some money on the items you will need for your bedroom. Although you can save some money on them, there is still some stuff that you should always buy as brand new. Here is a list of what you shouldn’t buy in a thrift shop or garage sale.

1. Mattress – find king mattress dimensions Never buy a used mattress or if you are unsure whether it was used or not. There are lots of body oils, dust mites, bacteria, molds, and shed skin that can be found on that mattress. Bed bugs is another reason why you should never buy one that is used. This is also true for mattress toppers. If you want to find affordable mattress toppers then you should read top memory foam mattress topper reviews. It can tell you which one is the most affordable yet most useful from the ones out in the market today.

2. Delicate Linens – Although they look very beautiful, you can’t risk buying them if they cannot be machined wash hot or dried in hot temperature because you can never know what bacteria lurks in them. Don’t take your chances in these covers. It would be better for you to get something new even if it is not as beautiful as the ones on the thrift shop.

3. Expensive Electronics – Some people think that finding a high end electronic thrift shop is a jackpot but sometimes it isn’t. Lucky for you if it works but most of them are not fully functional. It would be better if you can just wait for a sale on the electronic shop to get it brand new with a warranty.

4. Upholstered Furniture – This is another home for those bed bugs. Even the upholstered headboards could be a home for these pests. When you bring them to your home, you just give them access to your home and your things. They are difficult to get rid of so better not to take your chances.

On the other hand, there are other things you can find in thrift stores that you can very well place in your bedroom without having to worry about your safety.

1. Artwork – Interesting artwork pieces aren’t just limited to paintings. There are a lot of decorative art pieces you can find at thrift shops and one or two may be the only things you need to spruce up your bedroom.

2. Rugs – Area rugs are very decorative pieces too and you can use them to add texture to your room. Just be sure that you bring them to the cleaners right away for steam cleaning. This will help remove the bed bugs in them if there are any.

3. Lamps – Lamps are electronic devices and it can also be risky buying them because there is a chance that they don’t work but if you can try them out first then you can score some wonderful unique lamps on thrift shops.