Getting Rid of Crabgrass

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If you are having crabgrass nightmare in your garden, this article will come in handy. In fact, it is not easy to get rid of crabgrass. There are two types of crabgrass: hairy crabgrass and smooth crabgrass. Other names of crabgrass include finger grass, summer grass, water grass and fonio. It is important to get rid of crabgrass as early as possible because if left unattended, it can become uncontrollable. One thing that you need to bear in mind is that crabgrass become extremely active during the summer. In that regard, summer is the best time to control crabgrass in your garden. Here is how to remove crabgrass from your garden.

Apply Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Herbicide
This is very effective method of crabgrass removal because it mainly targets the seeds that are about to germinate. Because crabgrass become active during the summer, it is possible that the seeds will remain dormant on the grand and start producing during the summer. Therefore, a good pre-emergent herbicide will help in ensuring that this does not happen. However, in cases the seeds germinate, post-emergent herbicide should be applied.

Stay Alert, Start Early
As we have already mentioned, crabgrass can become difficult to manage when they are left to grow uncontrollably. Therefore, the key is to stay alert and start the process of killing the grass as early as possible. You should approach it as a more of preventive measure instead of waiting until it is too late.

You Can Do Manual Weeding
Apart from applying pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides, manual weeding is also an option. Manual removal of the weed can be an effective way of getting rid of the crabgrass especially if the lawn is not so big. You can use a hoe, a knife or anything sharp that can penetrate the soil and reach the roots of the weed. You may water the lawn first to make the soil soft for weeding.

Keep Your Lawn Thick and Dense
This is perhaps the best preventive means of eliminating crabgrass in your lawn. The logic behind it is that thick grass prevents the growth of crabgrass because crabgrass, like any other plant, depends on sunlight to grow.

Do not Leave Your Grass Uncut for Long
Staying long without cutting the grass in the lawn gives the crabgrass room for flowering. Therefore, it is important to constantly cut the grass in order to help in preventing the weed from germinating and producing seeds.

Pre-emergent sprays should be used at the right time
Pre-emergent sprays should not applied when the seed has germinated because the herbicide does not work on crabgrass that has already grown.

Do not shallow water the lawn
When you are watering the lawn, shallow watering should not be encouraged because it encourages the growth of crabgrass. The best watering method is the deep watering.

It is important to know that for you to have the best results; it is wise to use many combinations of crabgrass removal, control and prevention techniques. This is more especially when the crabgrass has become rampant and wild.

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