Motion and Photography

The beauty of the science of photography is that you can raise it to a higher level of artistry with the proper training and good equipment. A lens can capture a multiplicity of ideas and emotions and a picture may paint and elicit a thousand words without you having to hear any sound. For this reason, photography is one of the most engaging and exciting hobbies you can engage in, and many beginning photographers are enjoined to indulge in photography because of the great satisfaction they can get out of it.  With the great innovations in the field of digital photography and with the different high-end camera products at hand, anyone can become a good photographer. The world is a world of motion and most of us are fascinated with motion.

Likewise, many of us want to perfectly capture motion using our camera. It’s good enough that we have the social media on which we can showcase our artistic ability in taking photos and videos. However, it is always a challenge to produce a good video or picture of motion, and upload it online for others to appreciate.  Moreover, if we don’t have the tools, the knowhow and the eye for the beautiful and artistic, we may fail to produce something worth watching and appreciating. Hence, many of us are often frustrated when we feel we have failed to capture the fantastic beauty of motion we have just watched.

We feel handicapped whenever we failed to assume more adventurous and unconventional viewpoints for our photos and videos. Say for instance, we have a camcorder in handy and we want to take a bird’s-eye-view of something in motion. Although we feel we can get a good shot, we feel handicapped if we don’t have the necessary tools and equipment. Hence, we can only sigh in frustration and exasperation when we miss a good shot.

If only we had a good telescopic extension pole, we could have captured the photos of our lifetime. There are good yet cheap telescopic poles which you can buy online. But if you want to be more creative, you can readily check websites which showcase creative ways to create your own telescopic poles. GoPro pole details, for example, are available in the DIYGoPro website, and if you can visit this site, you can readily learn how to create your own telescopic pole with the use of simple home tools. It is fun to improvise your own equipment, and it is quite satisfying to make use of improvised tools and equipment.

Ways to Capture Motion Some photographers simply want to capture motion for posterity to appreciate and look at in the future. Others want to capture the beauty of motion because they feel it conveys a lot more emotions and moods than still photos. Here are some simple tips in capturing motion using your camera:

  • First, you can blur the subject and focus on the moving background.
  • You can also blur the backdraft and focus more on the subject.
  • Likewise, you can freeze the entire horizon or field or simply blur the entire field.
  • You can also learn the art of panning by matching the movement of the subject with the movement of your camera.