Almost everything online today requires that you have a password and sometimes all those passwords can be forgotten, mixed up or just some of them entered incorrectly. For those people that have Apple devices though, there is a solution to never being without your password for those devices.

This solution is the icloud, a cloud service provided by Apple for Apple users. One of the features is that this app will remember the pass words for all your Apple devices and so all you have to worry about is what’s my iCloud password which will make things at least a little easier for you. Of course though the main function of this cloud service and other cloud services is to store data, mainly for businesses which can create huge amounts of it as more and more business is transacted online or at least with the aid of a computer.

The storage of all this data, if a business did not have cloud services, would mean the business would have to buy its own server to store it; especially as they would probably want to back-up all that data as well. The upkeep and maintenance of a server can be inconvenient and expensive though and so that is why cloud services are becoming so popular. Using a cloud service can also relieve a lot of stress for a business owner as they would not have to worry about loss of a large amount of data because one PC crashes as the service automatically backs up all data received.

There are two main types of cloud service, public or private. The public service allows any data to be placed in the cloud or accessed from the cloud by any PC connected to the internet but a private service will not allow anything to be added or accessed other than by anyone or anywhere that the business stipulates. Some of these cloud services also offer a hybrid system which is a combination of a public and private service. These services also have two ways of billing usually, the first is that they will make a bill for the amount of storage space used and the second way is to make a bill based on how often the cloud was accessed.

Obviously with private and public services having different prices and a different method of billing, a business needs to ensure that they get the correct service for their needs otherwise the services could work out far more expensive than they need to be.

Although some businesses have complained that the services are too expensive for them to be financially viable, most of those complaints have come from businesses which opted for the wrong type of service or billing for their needs. Once the correct choices are made, most businesses find that the services are financial viable and often find other uses for the services making them even more beneficial than they thought they would be. You will still have to remember your password though.